Finger Arithmetic Game

3 years +
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 - Number Explorer: A Fun Math Adventure for Kids
Number Explorer: A Fun Math Adventure for Kids

Unleash your child's potential with the Number Explorer! This Montessori-inspired toy introduces foundational math skills like counting, addition, and subtraction. With vibrant wooden blocks, learning flashcards, and engaging activities, it's a gateway to creativity, imagination, and early education. Compact and travel-friendly, it's ideal for home or on-the-go learning!

 - Number Recognition and Counting
Number Recognition and Counting
The toy includes 12 vibrant wooden number blocks that aid in teaching children number recognition. By interacting with these colorful pieces, kids can learn to identify numbers and begin to understand the basics of counting. It's a fun and tactile way to introduce this essential mathematical concept.
 - Addition and Subtraction Exploration
Addition and Subtraction Exploration
Equipped with 10 double-sided learning flashcards, this educational toy helps children grasp the concepts of addition and subtraction. By using the number blocks along with the flashcards, children can physically manipulate numbers, making these basic arithmetic principles more tangible and understandable.
 - Fine Motor Skill Development
Fine Motor Skill Development
With its sturdy wooden board and soft felt palms, the toy offers opportunities for children to hone their fine motor skills. Manipulating the blocks and engaging with the various components helps develop hand-eye coordination and encourages precise hand movements, contributing to overall physical development.
 - Convenient Travel Play
Convenient Travel Play
Designed with a handy storage box, this toy ensures easy cleanup and transport. Its compact size allows children to continue their learning journey on trips or playdates. Whether at home or on the road, it keeps education engaging and accessible.

3 years


0.41 kg (0.9 lbs)


Length: 30.9 cm (12.17 in)

Width: 16.3 cm (6.42 in)

Height: 3.81 cm (1.5 in)



Polypropylene (PP)

What's in the box

12 Vibrant Wooden Number Blocks

10 Double-Sided Learning Flashcards

Handy Storage Box

Sturdy Wooden Board

2 Soft Felt Palms

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