Wooden Puzzles in Bulldozer

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Wooden Puzzles in Bulldozer  - Toddler Wooden Puzzles
Toddler Wooden Puzzles

Our toddler wooden puzzle is a high-quality and educational toy for your 3-year-old. This colorful puzzle comes inside a car toy, and each puzzle has a number on the bottom of each piece to guide toddlers in learning puzzle knowledge. They are made of premium wood, safe for your kids.

Wooden Puzzles in Bulldozer  - Smooth Edge
Smooth Edge
Each piece of floor puzzles is made of high-quality wood and carefully polished, the smooth edge of the puzzle makes the kids safer and more comfortable in the jigsaw process
Wooden Puzzles in Bulldozer  - Number Guide kids to Play
Number Guide kids to Play
There are numbers at the back of each puzzle to guide the kids to complete the puzzle step by step. This floor puzzles can enhance your kids mathematical ability and logical thinking

3 years


0.25 kg (0.55 lbs)


Length: 15 cm (5.91 in)

Width: 10 cm (3.94 in)

Height: 15 cm (5.91 in)


Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

What's in the box

24 Puzzle Pieces

Bulldozer toy

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