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Spikey the Bubble Bobble debuted in A Fidgety Fowl’s Tale!, under the ownership of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, taking over Fluttershy’s home in Painted Friendship. As time went on, Spikey became a much larger annoyance to Twilight Sparkle. When Twilight asked her to send some more toys for Spikey to keep the home in check, Twilight decided to give them all to Spikey by giving him the entire collection of Fidgety Fowl Toys, which Spikey immediately loved.


What We Are Thinking

TopBright has a straight forward belief: Play Tech, Love Nature! With this belief, we integrate the technology into nature, be aimed at light up children's talent. And we took it as our responsibility in the moment of TopBright was establishing. TopBright would like to care about baby's interest of exploring the world together with every mother, following their natural instinct, watching them to discover themselves and the world while playing, then enjoying the fun of growth.

What We Are Doing

For offer the toys which 100% safe but still with more intelligent, more fun, we have built our quality control team, and engaged some European designers from Germany, Finland, etc. Also, mix electron, AR, internet science and technology together, use the nature, science and technology, education integrate into our products.

Never ever sacrifice kids' imagination and interest for satisfy toy market is our principle. We produce the toys which can get helpful knowledge and skill for kids.


Topbright is the member of Technical Committee for Standardization, and participate in standard setting of security GB6675-2014 series. Our toys have pass EN71, ASTM, ICTI, BSCI, and some more international certifications.

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