8 In 1 Button Puzzle

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This toy lets your children use their imagination and practices the colors matching and shapes recognition.
Edad adecuada
  • From 3 years up
  • Plywood
  • ABS
  • Longitud: 12.2 in (31 cm)
  • Anchura: 2.3 in (6 cm)
  • Altura: 9.4 in (24 cm)
  • 0.85 Kg (1.8 lbs)
Start by putting an illustrated sheet on the pegboard, observe the color and shape cues of the picture, then your children can begin a button art matching game. With chunky buttons that easily snap in and out of place, toddlers learn basic colors and shapes in a simple game.
Shape Matching

Shape matching button based on the dotted line in the picture,the texture on the button stimulates toddler's tactile feel

Color Recognition

Match the corresponding button according to the color suggested in the picture,bright colors make it easy for toddlers to recognize

Creative Game

Toddlers can create freely on the pegboard with buttons,the door that can be opened is more vivid,expands toddler's multi-faceted knowledge system

Cómo utilizar

Choose a picture you like

Buckle picture on pegboard

Look for matching buttons

Insert the button into hole

Qué hay en la caja
  • 27 Colorful Buttons
  • 6 Papers Shapes
  • 8 Different theme sheets
  • 1 Pegboard

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