Underwater World Puzzle

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100 piece puzzles for kids uses fine slicing techniques. Smooth edge comes without burrs and will not hurt your little ones’ hands.
Edad adecuada
  • From 3 years up
  • Plywood
  • ABS
  • Longitud: 15.7 in (40 cm)
  • Anchura: 11.8 in(30 cm)
  • Altura: 0.3 in (0.8 cm)
  • 1.1 kg

This Jigsaw puzzle has 100 pieces, the pieces sit-in a sturdy wooden tray for easy transport and storage. made with high-quality wood, each part is thick and solid, durable enough for your 4-year-old toddlers to use over and over again.

Smooth Edge

Each piece of floor puzzles is made of high-quality wood and carefully polished, the smooth edge of the puzzle makes the kids safer and more comfortable in the jigsaw process

Hole Design of Board

This jigsaw puzzle features little hole of the board, it is convenient for kids to replay the game just poke the hole the puzzle will be broken up.

Qué hay en la caja
  • 100 Puzzle Pieces
  • 1 puzzle board
  • 1 Puzzle bag

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