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 - The Innovative Anatomy Set for Kids
The Innovative Anatomy Set for Kids

These detailed models, developed with the help of medical experts and teachers, offer you an impressive anatomy education. The models show the structure of the human body and include 15 removable muscle and skeleton overlays that can be placed to see how they function together in this fantastic learning experience.

 - Encyclopedia & Quiz Game
Encyclopedia & Quiz Game
This informative model includes friendly voiceover guidance and two modes of play by add cards and click on the organs on the card. In Encyclopedia mode, you'll learn more about anatomy as you explore the human body in detail. Or play in Quiz mode to test your knowledge of key anatomical terms and practice pronunciation.
 - Detachable Human Anatomy Model
Detachable Human Anatomy Model
Filled with 15 disassembled organs, bones, and muscles of human structure, this high-quality mannequin will help children identify the position of human structures. It moves the heart, lungs, bones and muscles to build a realistic mannequin 8.5 inches tall. Ideal for biology courses and anatomy teaching.
 - Can Rotate 360°
Can Rotate 360°
The base of the human skeleton can rotate 360°, allowing viewers to see all angles of the anatomy.
 - 4 Double-sided Information Cards
4 Double-sided Information Cards
Help your child learn all about human anatomy, this kit includes 4 double-sided information cards that contain accurate and detailed explanations of every part of the body. Insert the cards into their place and take it easy as little one's learn, play, and enjoy all that our product has to offer.
 - The Anatomy Coloring Book
The Anatomy Coloring Book
This illustrated book presents a 26-page full-color anatomy guide to the 8 major systems of the human body, including their function and parts.

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0.84 kg (1.85 磅)


长度: 29 厘米 (11.42 英寸)

宽度: 15.5 厘米 (6.1 英寸)

高度: 24 厘米 (9.45 英寸)


丙烯腈丁二烯苯乙烯 (ABS)


3 Replaceable AA battery (Not include)




Brain 2 parts



Arm Bones

Sternum Ribs

Lung 4 parts



Esophagus Trachea


Tow Kidneys

Large & Small Intestines

4x Guide Cards

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